The Owner

Nicholas Papanastasiou  has been in and around the foodservice industry for as long as he can remember. With this experience he brings a lifetime of flavors together each and everyday for a regular clientele that has come to trust in his abilities as a Chef.

Chef Nicholas has an outside the box representation of the more traditional Greco-American dishes that has cultivated into a very unique cooking style. Chef Nicholas has always considered himself an underdog and it’s the motivating factor behind his drive to prove wrong all those who say that “it can’t be done.”

Chef Nicholas’ passion for preparing a fine meal in a pleasant atmosphere has been the constant pillar on which the Papanastasiou Family has stood upon. In closing, Chef Nicholas would like more than anything to extend a warm welcome and share in the joy of his craft.

Behind the Grille

East Village Grille in Asheville, North Carolina was start by the brother’s Papasnastasiou a little more than 20 years ago. It didn’t take long for the word to get out about some of East Village’s signature menu items and know it is safe to say that Asheville has develop an addition for the Tiger Wing’s.

“The Grille” has established a reputation amongst its regular patrons that makes it a dining destination must each and every week. Over the years East Village Grille has never changed the foundation on which it was conceived from but, it has evolved to the tastes of it’s clientele. At the present moment The Grille has expanded it’s horizons once again to encompass more daring menu items that have been reached with great enthusiasm.

Nic and the staff would like say thank you to all of our customers for allowing us the honor in serving all of you the past twenty years and hope to see you real soon.